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Serene Infinity is official closed - Thanks to everyone!


First of all i must say this has nearly nothing to do with Heather's recent departure from our dear community. Actually that just helped us all out to understand what we were feeling about Serene Infinity.
We all decided that the best thing to do is closed down our lovely place and follow separated away, creating new chances and trying out new things in the way we can find new adventures and get better in what we do.
Second, we would like to thanks to our nearly 400 watchers, for everything you have done for us in the past months. The comments, the support and mostly the love you kept giving us.
In this way Serene Infinity will be closed but not deleted,so any of you can get back and browse in our old entries so you can find graphics and resources that even time forgot. Rules will remain the same, altought you will have to credit the maker instead of the community. To everyone who named us in their resources, pleace remember that the community will for all matters no longer exist, so the best thing you may do is probably delete our name and keep the makers' names only.

I wish my girls all the best.We'll all remain friends and you'll be able to find our art spread out in other places.So,i'll edit this entry until the girls find out new place to stay,so you can keep following their work.

nokitas - aube_des_arts 
crazydelight - graceful_shadow 
77crashes - last_mercy 
lovelydecoy - hellocolours 

Thanks so much to everyone, who helped to raise one of the best communities ever.

With love!

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Announcement + Collaboration with Heater


Is with great sadness that we all watch banquier leave our dear community. However, we believe that Heather is now in the pursue of her dream in some place she trully considers better, her new community padlockk .
The future of Serene Infinity is yet to be decided, but either if we stay or go, none of you will be left out from our hearts, as we are trully thankful for everything you have done for us through the past months. Thanks to all our amazing watchers, we never forget you!

Now is time to post some more graphics and resources. I have done a collaboration with Heather that i'm now posting. We did a total of 20 icons, 10 fashion and 10 stock, and one texture set bases in a total of 4 images, 2 picked by each one of us.
The bases used to do the icons were taken from two sets created by the lovely innocent_lexys that now has a new community called infinite_muse ,in this way i want to say thank you Lex for letting us use your amazing cropped bases.

I hope you guys enjoy the collaboration!!!

You can find Heath's collaboration part over here.

1-10: Fashion (Emma Watson for Vogue Italy)
11-20: Stock

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With love,
celeb; megan fox glasses


Hello everyone. I bring some sad, but exciting news. I will no longer be posting my graphics here at serene_infinity... I've created my own community! If you enjoy my art, please watch me over at my new community...

padlockk! :)

I will still watch this community because it's full of wonderful makers who have taught me so much, and whom I love dearly. Thank you guys for everything!
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Icon Collaboration with Lex


This is another icon update.Well, most like an icon collaboration.
Me and innocent_lexys joined and decided to do a little themed collaboration. I can quote Lex to say that yesterday 'we were flying on the wings of imagination' because we made it so incredibly fast, that it was insane. What can i say for myself? I have been in an icon spree this days.
We choosed the theme trees and each one of us made a total of 20 icons.
I don't think i need to say much more.Just check the icons coming next and go see Lex's work over dustypaper , you won't regret, and i mean it. Lex trully is an amazing maker!!!!

Lex's wonderful work over here.

[01-10] - Trees, bases by innocent_lexys
[11-20] - Trees, bases by nokitas

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Take care,
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45 icons

I can start to say that i have been on an icon spree this days.
Inspiration has been constantly around me and i'm always on the urge of doing icons and more icons.
I only bring 45 by now because i didn't want to do a really heavy post with some 100 icons as i first wanted.
I have been trying new technics and things and that will be visible in the batch that i'm here presenting.
Hope you like my work!!!


[01-03] The Phantom of the Opera
[04-06] Joker (The Dark Knight)
[07-13] Armand (Interview with the Vampire ; includes one animation)
[08-45] Stock (birds,flowes,fields,trees,others ; 34-45 bases by innocent_lexys )

Collapse )Take care,

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Hi here to pimp my new community!
resources_found is a community for people looking for the owners of images/where to find textures and stuff like that.
You post an entry with the image or a description of what you're looking for and hopefully some kind soul will help you out :D
Its members-only. Please do join and pimp!